Ok, I'm pretty darn new at trying my hand at this kind of thing so please bear with me.

My Canon T3i arrived Tuesday, May 22nd 2012 --- and boy, the first thing I thought after taking a couple quick test pictures was "I can't believe I waited SO long to buy a camera that wasn't a simple 'point-and-shoot'." In fact, I actually said that out-loud to an empty house. ;)

Granted, I have a lot to my initial photos will show. But, I've found several forums (such as POTN) and some other web sites that provide excellent advice and tips. I'm hopeful that my photography skills increase as time passes.

I do enjoy looking back at the pictures I've taken over the years with various point-and-shoot cameras...I enjoy all those unfocused and horribly composed/exposed images simply because each one of them represents things I love - my family, my friends, pets, places visited, things we've done on trips, ...the glorious miracles of nature. What I don't enjoy is the "quality" of my current photos.

And there lies my quest.

My goal is simple. To obtain the knowledge to raise a camera to my eye and take photographs that I will be proud to display outside my built-in-comfort- zone of family and friends.

So, with this new camera begins a new journey for me....feel free to tag along !